"Velvet Music Group has consistently produced music that is atypical of current trends, but remains representative of cool, original, & thoughtful compositions."


Sunday Music | DJ Unwind & Levphonic

DJ Unwind & Levphonic have just announced their new collaboration in the form of a full-length album! The duo have been working since the new year to create a cohesive sound that is 'a-typical' of music you are currently hearing. When asked about the direction of the project, the two agreed that the vibe of the album is going to be "exceptional", as they are being highly particular in regards to final track selections.

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Music Existence 

XLR8R Feature | DJ Unwind & Levphonic

"Together for their latest venture, DJ Unwind & Levphonic have released a beautiful down-tempo groove called "Restless." This new track quickly engulfs you from the very first notes, and as it builds from its ghostly beginnings into a full rising soundscape, you start to feel as though you are entering into a realm of the supernatural..."


Pretty Little Liars (ABC) | DJ Unwind - "Night Foil"

If you are tuning into Pretty Little Liars on ABC for episode 13 (Season 6), you will hear DJ Unwind's track "Night Foil". We wonder if there are going to be any snakes in the episode to honor the music video shot with a massive (live) python...?

Pandora Radio | DJ Unwind

DJ Unwind is officially added to Pandora Radio. When you find yourself looking to build the next "late night" playlist, or are on a road-trip streaming Pandora from your car, be sure to check out DJ Unwind's Pandora station. More albums to be added soon, including new releases and classics.

Mistresses (ABC) | Levphonic - "The Departure"

Levphonic adds his signature sound to Season 3 of ABC's 'Mistresses', with his song 'The Departure'. The sultry show will most definitely marinate well with Levphonic's seductive tunes, making for yet another great combination of spectacle & sound.

Mistresses is based on the hit UK television series of the same name.

Music Video | DJ Unwind - "Night Foil"

Unless you have a fear of snakes, be sure to watch DJ Unwind's seductive video for "Night Foil" on Vevo. Originally from Unwind's 2010 release "Far From Here the EP".

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Sons of Anarchy | Oceans of Velvet - "Unknowing"

The unusual pairing of black metal guitarist Paul Allender, producer DJ Unwind, & classical vocalist Riva Taylor makes for an rare sound that marinates well with moody motion-visuals. 'Unknowing', which was heard on Season 7 of S.O.A. is a collaboration between the three individuals, under the public moniker 'Oceans of Velvet'. Participation is an ongoing effort to create more melancholy soundtracks that pair well with emotional, or suspenseful scenes in film. The trio expect newer additions to their catalog in 2015.

HBO 'Girls' | Levphonic - "97 Nostalgia"

If you have watched the popular HBO series 'Girls', you may have heard Levphonic's '97 Nostalgia' playing in the background! The song was licensed for Season 4 and is from Levphonic's uber-exotic album titled 'Everglow'. 

Hailing from Southern California, Levphonic's productions are hard to categorize into one specific genre, but the tropical influences remain audible. In addition, Some of Levphonic's work can be heard on the international compilation series 'Lounge Masters Vibes'.

Sleepy Hollow | Oceans of Velvet - "Tiger Eyes"

It's no coincidence a TV show that airs near Halloween every year has licensed 'Tiger Eyes' by Oceans of Velvet. The smoky-groove is an ongoing collaboration between DJ Unwind, Paul Allender, and select female vocalists as features. Sleepy Hollow is currently airing it's third season. 

Kardashians | Placements

Producer DJ Unwind has placed (unreleased) original music in 4 separate episodes of the popular TV series 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'. Although reality TV series aren't traditionally Unwind's medium, it shows his ability to step outside of his expertise to grow his licensing portfolio.

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