DJ Unwind's "Gatsby" on Popular VICELAND Series

The popular TV series "Dead Set on Life" has a dedicated cult following, and for a good reason. This makes us especially happy to hear DJ Unwind's otherworldly track "Gatsby" playing in the episode "Matty's Iceland Adventure". 

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Together for their latest venture, DJ Unwind & Levphonic have released a beautiful down-tempo groove called "Restless." This new track quickly engulfs you from the very first notes, and as it builds from its ghostly beginnings into a full rising soundscape, you start to feel as though you are entering into a realm of the supernatural. 


The second single from DJ Unwind & Levphonic. Traveler is the epitome of what a great-soundtrack-while-driving feels like. The surf inspired guitars to the underlying lo-fi bass tone are symbolic of the duo's experimental tastes for Summer influenced music.

CASTLE IN THE SKY | iTunes (May 5th)

Far more complex and nuanced, and lead by an army of analog synthesizers, live strings arrangements, and an electric bass & guitar, ‘Castle In The Sky’ is an intense instrumental piece. It’s orchestrated masterfully, perhaps making it the highlight of their collaboration. 


Watch the vintage-film inspired video created by "Peel" for DJ Unwind & Levphonic's latest single 'Traveler'. Peel is known in the digital world for his nostalgic and abstract motion graphics. Check out Peel's YouTube channel here for more vintage vibes.

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Grungecake - "The said ambient music is at its finest, dazzled with obdurate lyrics sung by an esteemed vocalist on a mission." Read the full article here.


Together for their latest venture, DJ Unwind & Levphonic have released a beautiful down-tempo groove called "Restless." This new track quickly engulfs you from the very first notes, and as it builds from its ghostly beginnings into a full rising soundscape, you start to feel as though you are entering into a realm of the supernatural. Read the full article here


Musician and fellow midwesterner Brad LaBarbera has been releasing mellow, hip-hop inspired tracks for almost a decade now under the moniker of DJ Unwind. Harkening back to the earlier days of chill-hop, the Wisconsin born producer has gained a loyal following amongst dedicated beat enthusiasts. Read the full article here.


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